Do we have our “ticket to heaven” guaranteed?

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Do we have our “ticket to heaven” guaranteed?

Post by SamuelFrench on Mon 2 Oct - 20:53

According to various religions, there’s a heaven-like place, but also exists hell; how can we guarantee our “ticket to heaven” and if so, what kind of actions would help us get there? Do the actions for going to heaven depend on the religion?
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Re: Do we have our “ticket to heaven” guaranteed?

Post by Daniel Novoa on Mon 2 Oct - 21:55

First of all, it depends if you belief and have faith in that. For people that do belief in heaven and hell, good actions and valuing their life's and other life's mean they are good people, so when they die they will consequently go to heaven. Otherwise they go to hell, if they kill, steal, lie and do other bad actions. We don't know if doing this kind of actions make us to go to heaven or hell when we die, but the only thing we know is that people that value their life are people that doesn't do this type of deplorable actions.

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